Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beginner Strategy Part 1

Few tips for beginners to Texas Holdem poker.

*AVOID BLUFFING- If youre just starting out you dont know what makes a convincing bluff so there is not reason you should be trying to.
*Bet in proportion to the size of the pot- A big tell that you are a new player is raising a 30 chip pot to 600.
*Dont play every hand-Pick hands with charisma, not just a face card or two suited cards.
*Dont bet into the preflop raiser- also called a Donk bet, dont be a donk
*Avoid check calling with nothing- there is no reason to throw chips away drawing for a pair.


  1. cool blog man, but im horrible at card games regardless of any stratgy i use
    return the favor?

  2. I will be waiting for more tips. Recently got into cards, I'm pretty awful. Thanks for the info.